Cassoday Bike Run Vendor Rules and Applications

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor. Please review the information above for this year for the Cassoday Bike Run vendor rules and applications. Your vending spot will not be approved completely until your fees are paid. If you have already submitted your payment to another party (private landowner) please add that person’s name on your application.

Please read ALL of the vendor rules. These apply to ALL vendors. The CBO appreciates all that you do for the bike run to be successful.

Cassoday Business Organization

PO Box 43 Cassoday, KS 66842

Vendor Fees

CBO Vendor Fee (space up to a 10’x20′) $35.00

Lot rent (for public) $35.00

If you are set up on private property you will pay a vendor fee to the Cassoday Business Organization. Your lot rent will be negotiated and paid to the property owner! A list of property owners and their locations can be found on the business owners page.

ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!! We hold spots for you and therefore turn away potential vendors. If you don’t show up and have paid in advance, you loose your spot and your fees. Paying in advance encourages you to be sure to set up for that month. A successful vendor is always there, and the bikers will remember you.

Vendor Rules

Vendors must provide, in advance, a copy of their tax ID certificate. This must accompany your application and the CBO suggests that you also post a copy in your vending area, in accordance with the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Vendors must clean up their area and remove trash (this means take it with you) before leaving or an additional fee of $100 will apply. YOU CANNOT PUT TRASH IN THE TRASH BARRELS ON THE ROAD. THIS IS FOR BIKERS TRASH FROM EATING AND SUCH. Additional fees will be collected before the vendor will be allowed to return.

Land owner will be held responsible for any illegal activities of any vendor residing on their property during any of the Cassoday Bike Run events.  Law enforcement officers will be immediately informed of said activities and applicable charges will be enforced.

No receipt will be issued without a copy of your tax ID certificate with the exception of non-profit organizations.

Vendors will sell only committee approved merchandise. The CBO has the right to refuse any merchandise that does not meet our approval. (NO X-Rated products AND NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES allowed). Landowners are responsible for any illegal activity the their vendors break by Law and CBO rules.

Vendors will set up in approved vending areas established by the Cassoday Business Organization. Nonprofits WILL BE placed in a designated area by the CBO.

Vendors are prohibited from soliciting business or selling any products, outside of their rented/assigned location(s).

Vendors must be set up by 7:30 a.m. and vehicles removed from the roadways. Vendor’s vehicles must be parked in the designated parking area. NO PARKING ON THE SIDE STREETS. Talk to your landowner to see if they have parking available for you by their land, otherwise you must park at the Cassoday Grade School. Cars found parked in wrong areas will be towed at the owners’ expense. NO VEHICLES CAN BE ON MAIN AND KANSAS STREETS UNTIL 1:30 P.M.  Or until the barricades have been removed by the CBO.

Vendors may set up after 5:00 PM on Sat. prior to Sundays Bike Run with the approval of CBO.  CBO shall reserve the right to locate or relocate ANY vendor they deem necessary or to evict any vendor (without refund of any fees) for breaching the vendor agreement or violation of the law.

All vendors who prepay will receive their guaranteed vendor area for the time/months of payments received In compliance with their application.

The Cassoday Business Organization owns all rights of the name “Cassoday Bike Run” and no one, including vendors, may use Cassoday Bike Run name on any merchandise with out the written approval from the Cassoday Business Organization.